HOW IT WORKSThe Ready To Go Homes Process

We have broken our system into 8 easy steps, so you know exactly what to expect when working with our team. You have access to our customer service at any point, and can add options to your cabin even after construction has begun wherever possible if you change your mind along the way.
Choose your basic cabin option
Choose your added features, finishes and colours
Contact our team at Ready To Go Homes with your order or to discuss your options
We do a quick inspection of the site where you would like to have your cabin delivered
Confirmation of estimate delivery cost after inspection
Confirmation of site ownership or letter from owner permitting cabin delivery
We confirm your order with you and payment is made
Your order begins its construction
12 weeks later, your cabin will be ready for delivery and a time will be arranged
Your cabin is installed at your site, ready for you to use!

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